Benefits at a glance

All information about CI Fuzz! Learn more about how we help you build secure software by automating security testing.


Technical overview

Download the technical product information sheet. Learn about the underlying technologies and discover product use cases.


Technology Stack Diagramm

Download the technology stack information sheet. Learn more about the major building blocks of CI Fuzz.


Java Spring Boot Fuzzing

Download the technical product information sheet. Learn more about fuzzing for java and java-frameworks.


Testing Embedded Systems

Download the technical product information sheet. Learn more about fuzzing for embedded systems.

Case Studies


Case Study Telekom

CI Fuzz is used in Telekom‘s test center which is responsible for the evaluation of various applications.


Case Study SodgeIT

Download our case study on how we found vulnerabilities in the open-source barcode generator ZINT for SodgeIT.



Introduction into Fuzzing

Learn why world leaders like Google and Microsoft rely on modern fuzzing. We have created a short introduction for you.


AST Report 2020

This whitepaper provides an exclusive insight into the latest trends in AppSeC. Learn more about groundbreaking scientific and practical methods.


Suricata War Story

In this article, we show you how we found vulnerabilities in a large open-source project with libFuzzer.



The Path to Secure Java Microservices

Learn more about the security challenges of Java microservices and how to solve them efficiently. 


CVE Hunting with Fuzzing

We will show you how we have found a CVE in the open-source barcode generator ZINT with feedback-based fuzzing.


Security Testing for Embedded Systems

(German) This webinar highlights the latest trends in software testing for embedded systems.


Testing 2020

(German) In this webinar two recent trends from current research will be introduced to you: Feedback-based Fuzzing & Symbolic Code Execution.



Why Fuzzing?

Learn what modern fuzzing is and why you should rely on it. We have created a infographic for you.


10 Bugs & Vulnerabilities

We show you which 10 bugs and vulnerabilities most frequently endanger your web applications.

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Fuzzing Academy

We have created Fuzzing Academy. Fuzzing Academy has the vision to establish fuzzing as a software testing standard. To achieve this goal, we want to share our knowledge free of charge to reach as many people as possible. Join our efforts and become an expert for the test methods of tomorrow!

  • Forever free for learners at all levels
  • Growing program with exciting learning opportunities
  • Learn at your own pace completely online
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