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Security Testing Resources

Webinars, Blog Articles and Cheat Sheets on Application Security Testing

Resources on Embedded Security Testing

Testing Embedded Systems
With Depenencies

Learn how to protect automotive software against unexpected and unusual edge cases.

Developing Secure Automotive Software

How Continental managed to test a large safety module with 18,000 lines of Code (LoC) within only one week. 

6 Tips to Comply With ISO 21434

This cheat sheet contains an executive summary of ISO21434, best practices, and a guide on how to improve software security in the automotive domain.

Resources on Web Security Testing

API Fuzzing for eCommerce Platforms

Learn how to secure APIs for complex eCommerce platforms, with feedback-based fuzz testing.

Securing Complex Web Services

How to secure complex microservices architectures in 5 Easy Steps:
Demonstrated on the German Covid-19 Tracing-App

The Human Component in Automated Security Testing

Christian Holler (Mozilla) shares his experiences on how to improve relationships between development and security teams.

Resources on Fuzz Testing

What Bugs Can You Find With Fuzzing

A long list of bugs and vulnerabilities that gets regularly updated.

Java Fuzzing Is Now Open-Source

At Code Intelligence we already fixed thousands of bugs with our fuzzing engine for the JVM. Now we want to make its core available to the community.

Writing Fuzz Targets Without Fuzz Targets and Test Harnesses

The new Jazzer update offers Java developers even more automation, bug detectors for severe vulnerabilities and support for macOS and Windows.