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Intelligent Testing of Spring Boot APIs (9)-1

Intelligent Testing of Spring Boot APIs

In companies large and small, using RESTful web APIs and services is common for public-facing and internal-only applications. Such services are crucial for day-to-day business operations, and it is critical to ship solid services that work effectively. 

One of the most common frameworks for building RESTful web services is Spring Boot. As a mature framework, Spring Boot includes utilities for testing and test automation. We have augmented these utilities with Jazzer, an AI-powered test tool for finding bugs automatically. Adding AI-powered testing to existing functional unit testing can help expand code coverage and reveal bugs and security vulnerabilities easily. 

In this webinar, we will

  • Show an example Spring Boot application with existing unit testing
  • Show how to add Jazzer to this application
  • Write a fuzz test based on existing unit testing code, and
  • Demonstrate the benefits of AI-enabled fuzzing to expand your testing capabilities

About the Speaker

Niklas Henrich is the Chief Technology Officer at Code Intelligence.

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