Modern Fuzzing for Automotive Software

CI Fuzz enables you to easily create and continuously execute security and reliability tests by automating cutting edge security testing technologies that previously required specialized security experts.

Feedback-based fuzzing (or coverage-guided fuzzing) is a modern fuzzing technique used for security and stability testing of the codebase. The software under test is fed with a series of inputs, which are purposefully mutated in the testing process. The testing tool gets feedback about the code covered during the execution of inputs. Unlike traditional or black-box fuzzing, feedback-based fuzzing explores the program state efficiently and discovers bugs hidden deep in the code. In recent years, feedback-based fuzzing has experienced an unmatched success story. For example, over 27,000 bugs have been found in Google Chrome and several open-source projects.

In this live demo, you will...

  • Learn more about the fuzzing testing methodology and how you can apply this state-of-the-art technology in your company

  • Find out how CI Fuzz helps leading global companies such as Bosch, Deutsche Börse Group and Deutsche Telekom to make their software more secure and reliable

  • Get the chance to ask all your questions related to application security, fuzzing technologies and CI Fuzz.

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Advantages of CI Fuzz

  • Reduce costs: Save over 60% of developers time due to our fully automated solution and our easy-to-use IDE plugin 
  • Fuzzing for everyone: Create and execute modern software tests without any expert knowledge supported by our preloaded settings and intelligent execution engine
  • Increase productivity: Maximize the productivity of your costly developers on programming code instead of hunting bugs and security issues
  • No prerequisites needed: Our agnostic approach ensures seamless integration into your existing process landscape
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology: Unparalleled combination of latest breakthrough technologies under one roof to deliver added business values

About Code Intelligence

Code Intelligence develops a state-of-the-art application security testing solution that saves developers’ time and effort while drastically improving the security, stability and reliability of the codebase. Due to the earlier finding of bugs and vulnerabilities in the development process, Code Intelligence accelerates the development life cycle of software projects. The main technology is based on feedback-based / instrumented fuzzing techniques as used by Google and Microsoft extensively. The software improves the discovery of bugs and vulnerability due to higher code coverage and continuously executing automated security tests after each code change.

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