We have good news! The closed beta for our Fuzzing as a Service (FaaS) platform CI Fuzz is now available. This brand-new, cloud-based fuzzing approach allows you to perform automated fuzz tests that are perfectly tailored to your individual CI/CD pipeline.

The purpose of our FaaS platform is to make fuzzing usable, so that the benefits of this method are no longer reserved to experts and tech giants such as Google and Microsoft. Our Fuzzing as a Service platform offers an automated testing integration that allows for continuous API and network fuzzing.

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  • the requirements and restrictions
  • and how to apply for closed beta and early access.

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Fuzzing as a Service


  • Welcome
  • Introduction: What is feedback-based fuzzing?
  • Exclusive demonstration: CI Fuzz FaaS Platform
  • Q&A Session


Sergej Dechand is Co-founder and CEO of Code Intelligence. He and his team strive to revolutionize the way the world tests software. He is an expert in usability aspects of IT security. Sergej has 10 years of experience in software development, software testing, IT security, and academic publishing. Before founding Code Intelligence with his colleagues in 2017, he worked as an external IT consultant and as a project manager at Fraunhofer FKIE.


About Code Intelligence

Code Intelligence develops a state-of-the-art application security testing solution that saves developers’ time and effort while drastically improving the security, stability and reliability of the codebase. Due to the earlier finding of bugs and vulnerabilities in the development process, Code Intelligence accelerates the development life cycle of software projects. The main technology is based on feedback-based / instrumented fuzzing techniques as used by Google and Microsoft extensively. The software improves the discovery of bugs and vulnerability due to higher code coverage and continuously executing automated security tests after each code change.

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