Plug-and-Play Fuzzing for Web Applications 

Platforms and web services have many modules and dependencies that communicate with each other. In the past, developers had to test each of these APIs andmodules manually, and individually (which is kind of exhausting). 

Code Intelligence now offers simple plug and play integration that helps you to fuzz your whole microservice environment at once.

How to Improve Security Testing for Microservices in 5 Easy Steps

Henning Perl was part of the dev team that first came up this approach. He will share some of the challenges he has faced while working on complex Microservices (e.g. eCommerce platforms) and demonstrate how everyone can apply this approach to their own software. 
How to improve security testing for microservices

Example, how to increase your code coverage, by fuzzing your whole microservice environment at once. (click to enlarge)

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About the Speaker

Henning Perl, who is currently CTO at Code Intelligence, worked as a project manager at Fraunhofer FKIE and completed his PhD on finding vulnerabilities in open source programs.


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Code Intelligence offers a CI/CD-agnostic platform for automated software security testing. The platform helps developers to make their software more secure and robust. It empowers them to achieve reproducible testing results and to fix bugs already in the early stages of the development process. CI Fuzz enables them to increase their code coverage and to protect themselves against unexpected edge cases.

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