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Hardware-independent automotive software testing

Automate your software testing with an AI-driven fuzzing platform for early bug and vulnerability detection, all without hardware dependencies. Enable your developers to reproduce and fix issues in minutes, not weeks.

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Elevate your automotive security strategy: Beyond penetration testing.

In today’s fast-paced automotive landscape, where innovation converges with connectivity, ensuring the utmost security for your applications is not just a priority - it’s a necessity. While many businesses in the automotive industry diligently conduct penetration testing, there’s a critical layer of defense often overlooked: fuzz testing. Many automotive companies already understand why fuzz testing is the game-changer your B2B needs for fortified application security.

Beyond Penetration Testing

Best practices for fuzzing and penetration testing.

Penetration Testing


Uncovering vulnerabilities missed by penetration testing.

Penetration testing, while valuable, has its limitations. It’s like navigating a well-known route, whereas fuzz testing explores uncharted territories. Fuzz testing, with its ability to bombard the applications with unexpected, malformed data, reveals vulnerabilities that might go undetected in traditional penetration tests. As B2B buyers and security experts in the automotive industry, you need a comprehensive security approach that leaves no stone unturned.


Mitigating zero-day exploits and cyber threats.

The automotive industry’s digital evolution brings new challenges, especially with the rise of zero-day exploits and sophisticated cyber threats. Fuzz testing serves as a proactive defense mechanism, systematically probing for weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors. By identifying and addressing these vulnerabilities early on, your business can stay one step ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of automotive cybersecurity.






Ensuring regulatory compliance and building trust.

Beyond the bottom line, the automotive sector is governed by stringent regulations to safeguard consumer data and privacy. Fuzz testing goes beyond merely meeting compliance standards; it demonstrates a commitment to robust security practices. Strengthening your applications with fuzz testing not only shields your business from potential breaches but also builds trust among B2B partners and customers who entrust you with sensitive information.


Take advantage of Application Security Testing with Code Intelligence.

Don’t let your automotive applications be the weak link in your security chain. Embrace the future of B2B security with fuzz testing - a proactive strategy that goes beyond conventional methods, ensuring resilience against evolving threats. Elevate your defenses, fortify your application, and drive your business confidently into the connected automotive future.


Find truly relevant and hidden issues and dig deeper every minute

Resolve issues seamlessly with instant access to a full stack trace at your fingertips.


Boost efficiency and reduce the number of tests needed

Let CI Fuzz automatically search for issues in the code and dig deeper every minute.


Fix business critical bugs early in the development process

Maximize pipeline performance that doesn't compromise software integrity.

“One of the biggest advantages of instrumented fuzz testing is that you can execute your code in a Software-in-the-Loop simulator. My favourite part of instrumented fuzzing is that finding the root cause is so easy, and for a manager, it means I can save budget.”
Michael von Wenckstern 2024
Michael Von WencksternProduct Cybersecurity Governance, Risk and Compliance Specialist, Continental AG
"Thanks to Code Intelligence fuzzing approaches, our security testing became significantly more effective. All our developers are now able to fix business critical bugs early in the development process, without false-positives."


Andreas Weichslgartner
Andreas WeichslgartnerSenior Technical Security Engineer, CARIAD
”Thanks to Code Intelligence we were able to remediate deeply hidden issues, allowing us to ensure our vehicular software’s optimal functionality and safety. Coming up with the right unit tests for these cases would have been super difficult. With Code Intelligence’s AI-powered tests, we had the first finding within hours!”
Saleh HeydariVP of Software Engineering, XOS Trucks
”Code Intelligence helps developers ship secure software by providing the necessary integrations to test their code at each pull request, without ever having to leave their favorite environment. It's like having an automated security expert always by your side.”
Thomas DohmkeCEO, GitHub

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Autogenerate test cases that can identify bugs and vulnerabilities beyond the reach of traditional testing tools.

Join industry leaders like CARIAD, Bosch and Continental and become compliant with ISO 21434 and many other industry norms.

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