Breakthrough Dynamic Application Testing Based on Modern Fuzzing

Tired of false positives in static code analysis? Don’t have the time for manual dynamic application testing? Try our unique developer-friendly hybrid static/dynamic testing tool and speed up your application testing!

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What We Offer

Code Intelligence automates software testing helping you to produce reliable and secure code. We provide a usability-focused implementation of cutting edge breakthroughs from academic research, including feedback-based fuzzing and symbolic code execution. CI Fuzz fits into common IDEs and CI/CD frameworks for optimal integration into existing coding and software testing workflows.

For Software Developers

No matter if you are tired of trawling through never-ending false positive warnings generated by static analysis or currently have no testing procedure in place ―  our solution will help you write better code! You do not need special expertise or training. CI Fuzz automates the process and deals with the complexity of dynamic software testing.

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For Penetration Testers

CI Fuzz helps you to find critical vulnerabilities in less time than ever before. The combination of modern static and dynamic analysis methods reduce the manual effort in pentesting. We put the most sophisticated application security testing methods like feedback-based fuzzing, concolic and symbolic execution at your fingertips.

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For Project Managers

Our solution will make your software development process more reliable and lower the costs for application testing. The earlier you discover bugs and critical security vulnerabilities, the less disruption and costs they cause. CI Fuzz runs in your continuous integration pipeline and finds bugs and vulnerabilities with little to no manual effort from the developers.

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Why Organizations Choose Code Intelligence

thomas tscherisch

With Code Intelligence, securing your software can take new paths in terms of quality and efficiency.

Thomas Tschersich // Senior Vice President Internal Security & Cyber Defense // Deutsche Telekom

helge harren

Code Intelligence enables us to easily integrate alternative automated approaches to ensure quality; especially the features for non-context-free automation take us further.

Helge Harren // Head of Section | Senior Vice President // Derivatives & Cash Trading IT // Application Development Trading Frankfurt // Deutsche Börse AG

Winner of the Open Bosch Award

Code Intelligence received the Open Bosch Award 2019. The award honors the world's most successful start-up cooperations with the technology and service company Bosch. Code Intelligence received the award for their work on the automation of software security testing together with Bosch Corporate Research.

Image: Rakshith Amarnath, Bosch Corporate Research, Michael Bolle, CDO and CTO of Bosch, Sergej Dechand, CEO and co-founder of Code Intelligence GmbH

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open bosch award 2019

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Digital Hub Bonn Techboost Deutsche Börse Bosch GmbH Telekom HTGF Deutsche Cyber-Sicherheitsorganisation Intevation Sopra Steria Deutsche Börse Venture Network Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit Cyber Security Cluster Bonn