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Reduce Your Time to Market

Finding bugs early avoids follow-up costs up to 60% and reduces your time to market.

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Use Modern Fuzzing

No security expertise needed - fuzz tests become easier than writing unit tests. Our smart fuzzing orchestration maximizes the results from modern fuzzing in your dev lifecycle.

Integrate DevSecOps Effortlessly

Our CI/CD-agnostic platform ensures seamless integration into your existing development process and tooling. 

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Detect Bugs Reliably

Sophisticated bug and vulnerability detection without false positives: Our platform detects bugs no other SAST/DAST/IAST does.

Reach Unmatched Code Coverage

The unique combination of industry-leading fuzzing engines allows maximization and visualization of code coverage.

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Why Organizations Choose Code Intelligence

"We have always been looking for a better solution than our scripts to automated fuzzing in our CI. CI Fuzz is a good solution with a very nice integration in VS Code."

Götz Martinek Managing Director // sodgeIT

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"With Code Intelligence, securing your software can take new paths in terms of quality and efficiency."

Thomas Tschersich Chief Security Officer // Deutsche Telekom

"Code Intelligence enables us to easily integrate alternative automated approaches to ensure quality."

Helge Harren Senior Vice President // Derivatives & Cash Trading IT // Deutsche Börse AG


Quick Intro: This is Code Intelligence 

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