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Removing the bottlenecks of Manual Software Testing

Cybercrime causes yearly financial damage close to $600 billion worldwide, nearly one percent of the global GDP (CSIS). This damage can certainly be reduced by producing more secure and reliable software.

State-of-the-art software testing approaches are insufficient. For example, static analysis techniques produce a high rate of false positives. As a result, these approaches require security experts to manually analyze the results and identify real security issues among the large amount of generated warnings. Penetration tests, done entirely by security experts (with some tooling support), are conducted irregularly and are usually separated from the development process.

The core problem is twofold: First, there are too few IT security experts, and second, testing for security and reliability issues is not automated properly.

Moreover, manual software testing causes unique challenges in numerous application fields such as:

Internet of Things(IoT)

When developing for IoT, the code is difficult to execute outside of the embedded device.

This makes it hard to test the code continuously and therefore, ensuring the reliability and security of the product.

Financial Services

In Financial Services, code needs to be secure as well as reliable and performant. Crashes on unusual data inputs are hard to find manually.


Gaming demands constant performance in order to keep the player experience glitch-free. Performance regressions are especially challenging to find and reproduce.

Introducing the Code Intelligence Security Suite

We help companies solve the problems surrounding continuous software testing for security and reliability with the Code Intelligence Security Suite.

The detection engine is based on coverage-guided fuzzing in combination with sanitizers that monitor your program’s behaviour at runtime. However, in contrast to expert-level Fuzzers such as AFL, the CI Security Suite integrates directly into the IDE of the developer, allowing her to set up and improve automated fuzz tests in an interactive and feedback-driven manner.

Once the automated fuzz tests are written, our fully automated Continuous Integration component ensures that the fuzz tests are executed with every new change and new incidents are reported timely.

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Tangible Benefits

Gain security & reliability

The security and reliability of your software products are two of your organization's most valuable assets.

We help you to provide these assets with our modern security testing solution.

Reduce costs

Integrate IT security know-how into your company with less need for expensive professionals.

Avoid legal costs, fines and penalties due to security issues.

Save time

Accelerate your software development process and save valuable time applying your security tests.

Run tests faster and more efficiently without filtering false positives manually.

Optimize processes

Most security software testing processes are release-driven and don’t fit into the agile software development process.

Optimize your software development process by integrating continuous quality management for more agility.

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