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Fuzzing Embedded Systems

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Usable Security for Developers and Security Professionals

Fix Bugs During Development

Fix Bugs During Development

Increase your development speed by up to 60% and protect yourself against unexpected edge cases. 

Use Fuzz Testing as Part of DevSecOps

Use Fuzz Testing as
Part of DevSecOps

Our CI/CD-agnostic platform ensures seamless integration into your development process and tooling. 

Detect Security Issues Accurately

Detect Security Issues Accurately

Sophisticated error detection with zero false positives: We detect vulnerabilities no other SAST/DAST/IAST does.

Increase Your Code Coverage

Increase Your
Test Coverage

Smart combining of fuzzing engine strengths allows you to increase and visualize your code coverage.

Why Organizations Choose Code Intelligence

With Code Intelligence, securing your software can take new paths in terms of quality and efficiency.
 Thomas Tschersich about Code Intelligence
Thomas Tschersich
Chief Security Officer / Deutsche Telekom
We have always been looking for a better solution than our scripts to automated fuzzing in our CI. CI Fuzz is a good solution with a very nice integration in VS Code.
Goetz Martinek about Code Intelligence
Götz Martinek
Managing Director / sodgeIT
deutsche boerse
Code Intelligence enables us to easily integrate alternative automated approaches to ensure quality.
Helge Harren about Code Intelligence
Helge Harren
SVP Derivatives & Cash Trading IT / Deutsche Börse AG

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