FuzzCon Europe 2020

Find out how Fuzzing is revolutionizing the future of application security. The FuzzCon Europe 2020 is the event for developers, security professionals, and fuzzing enthusiasts, who want to learn more about the latest developments, innovative technologies and trends in application security testing.

Your Testing Platform for Effortless Software Security

Reduced Time & Costs

Finding bugs early avoids follow-up costs up to 60% and reduces your time to market.

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Fuzzing for Everyone

No security expertise needed - fuzz tests become easier than writing unit tests. Our smart fuzzing orchestration maximizes the results from modern fuzzing in your dev lifecycle.

Effortless Integration

Our CI/CD-agnostic platform ensures seamless integration into your existing development process and tooling. 

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Smart Bug Detection

Sophisticated bug and vulnerability detection without false positives: Our platform detects bugs no other SAST/DAST/IAST does.

Unmatched Code Coverage

The unique combination of industry-leading fuzzing engines allows maximization and visualization of code coverage.

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Why Organizations Choose Code Intelligence

"We have always been looking for a better solution than our scripts to automated fuzzing in our CI. CI Fuzz is a good solution with a very nice integration in VS Code."

Götz Martinek Managing Director // sodgeIT

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"With Code Intelligence, securing your software can take new paths in terms of quality and efficiency."

Thomas Tschersich Chief Security Officer // Deutsche Telekom

"Code Intelligence enables us to easily integrate alternative automated approaches to ensure quality."

Helge Harren Senior Vice President // Derivatives & Cash Trading IT // Deutsche Börse AG


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