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Automated Application Security Built for Developers

Find and fix vulnerabilities
long before they reach production.

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Test Your Code With Each Pull Request

Our platform is built using various security techniques, including coverage-guided and feedback-based fuzz testing, to automatically generate millions of test cases that trigger hard-to-find bugs deep within your application. This white-box approach protects against edge cases and speeds up development.

package fuzz_targets;

public class JpegImageParserFuzzer

   public static void fuzzerTestOneInput(byte[] input)

     CallYourAPI(input); // TODO call your API here



Find Bugs Others Don't

Advanced fuzzing engines generate inputs that maximize code coverage. Powerful bug detectors check for errors during code execution.

No False Positives

Uncover true vulnerabilities only. Get the input and stack trace as proof, so you can reliably reproduce errors every time.

Debug on the Spot

Easily examine, triage and fix every bug directly from your favorite IDE/CLI.

Never Leave Your Dev Environment

Seamless integrations with all popular CI/CD solutions, ticketing systems,
and issue trackers let you implement and verify your fixes immediately.

Why Tech Leaders Trust Us

Google OSS-Security
Google OSS-Security

"Code Intelligence new Java Fuzzer enabled us to quickly find bugs and vulnerabilities in Java applications"

Abhishek Arya
Principal Software Engineer

Volkswagen Group CARIAD
Volkswagen Group CARIAD

"Thanks to CI Fuzz, our security testing became significantly more effective. All our developers are now able to fix business-critical bugs early in the development process, without false-positives."

Andreas Weichslgartner
Developer, Security Professional

Tenzir Product Team
Tenzir Product Team

"CI Fuzz substantially improved the security of our telemetry engine. Thanks to the native CI/CD integration, we will soon have visibility into all places where user input can wreck havoc. No more time-consuming manual audits"

Benno Evers
Senior Software Engineer

What Makes Us Different

AI white-box testing uses data from all previous test runs to continuously learn the inner-workings of your application,
triggering security-critical bugs with increasingly high precision.

Error detection
during application runtime

Bug detectors for severe
OWASP Web and API vulnerabilities

Automated API
endpoint detection

Reproducible bug findings
without false-positives

Autofuzz-mode without
writing fuzz targets or harnesses

Instrumentation for C/C++,
Go, and JVM-based languages

Try It Yourself

Our demo app uses real code examples to get you started. See detailed bug information, including exact location,
stack trace, code coverage reports, full log and more.

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