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Book a demo to find out how Code Intelligence can help you uncover edge-case bugs and vulnerabilities with every code change. We will walk you through the product and answer your questions.

  • Discover how automated bug and vulnerability detection pre-pen testing, will speed up software development while assuring stable and secure software.
  • Autogenerate test cases that can identify bugs and vulnerabilities beyond the reach of traditional testing tools.
  • Join industry leaders like CARIAD, Bosch and Continental and become compliant with ISO 21434 and many other industry norms.
"Code Intelligence helps developers ship secure software by providing the necessary integrations to test their code at each pull request, without ever having to leave their favorite environment. It's like having an automated security expert always by your side."
Thomas Dohmke
Thomas DohmkeCEO, GitHub
“Thanks to Code Intelligence we were able to remediate deeply hidden issues, allowing us to ensure our vehicular software’s optimal functionality and safety. Coming up with the right unit tests for these cases would have been super difficult. With Code Intelligence’s AI-powered tests, we had the first finding within hours!”
Saleh Heydari Xos2
Saleh HeydariVP of Software Engineering, XOS Trucks