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News and Updates on Fuzzing and Application Security Testing

Markus Zoppelt 11 min read

Build Secure Java Applications with Fuzz Testing

Use this awesome testing approach to build secure ...
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Josh Grant 5 min read

Mock Testing Embedded Systems With Fuzz Data

What is Mock Testing? How can you use Mock ...
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Josh Grant 4 min read

The Benefits of Negative Testing in Software Testing

Find out why we negative testing in software ...
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Josh Grant 6 min read

Embedded Testing Tools: A Comprehensive Guide

In this guide, you'll learn about different ...
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Raghudeep Kannavara 7 min read

How Can Fuzzing Help Find Bugs in Hardware?

Fuzzing tools and techniques to find security ...
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Sergej Dechand 3 min read

Automotive Software - ISO 21434 Compliance Simplified

Learn how fuzz testing can help you get you build ...
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Khaled Yakdan 1 min read

What Is Cross Site Scripting and How to Avoid XSS Attacks?

In this blog, we discuss what cross-site ...
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Jochen Hilgers 11 min read

Secure Coding in C and C++ Using Fuzz Testing

Use this simplified fuzz testing approach to ...
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Roman Wagner 1 min read

Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Discovered in HSQLDB

CVSS Base Score: 9.8 | Affected versions: all ...
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Roman Wagner 5 min read

How To Test for SQL Injections [Complete Guide]

SQL injection vulnerabilities allow attackers to ...
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Norbert Schneider 4 min read

Jazzer.js Brings Effective Fuzzing to JavaScript (Open-Source)

Jazzer.js is an open-source fuzzer for the ...
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Khaled Yakdan 9 min read

Improvements in Go Fuzzing (Golang 1.19)

Learn more about the fuzzing improvements coming ...
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