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Code Intelligence found 12 CVEs in Suricata

Our vulnerability researcher Sirko Höer recently found vulnerabilities while fuzzing the open-source Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS) suricata with libFuzzer. Although the project already uses fuzzing with AFL extensively, he was able to find 14 more bugs in the program code, 12 of them being critical vulnerabilities (CVEs).

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How to Select the Best Solution for Source Code Testing

Automated code testing reduces the human factor in software development and improves the overall quality of the product. Costly post-release bug fixing can thus be avoided. Learn about the eight most important criteria for selecting the right testing solution.

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Bringing Modern Fuzzing to Java (CI Fuzz 2.0)

The most effective way to uncover vulnerabilities in the Java code that relate to user-controlled input is fuzzing. CI Fuzz with its simple IDE integration and automated setup of fuzz tests now makes fuzzing Java applications possible.

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The Magic behind Feedback-based Fuzzing

This article will introduce you to new cutting-edge fuzzing technologies and show how feedback-based fuzzing can help you build more secure software.

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Code Intelligence at it-sa 2019

This year we participated in the international it-sa fair in Nuremberg. Here are some photos from the event and a video of our talk on fuzzing.

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What is FAST?

This article will introduce a new cutting-edge software testing technique: Feedback-based Application Security Testing (FAST).

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Meet us @ it-sa 2019

From October 8 to 10 Code Intelligence GmbH is joining 700 exhibitors from 27 countries at it-sa trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany.

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Erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit - Code Intelligence profitiert vom TechBoost Startup-Programm der Deutschen Telekom

Durch die enge Zusammenarbeit mit dem TechBoost Programm der deutschen Telekom konnte Code Intelligence unter anderem wertvolle Kontakten zu konzerninternen Abteilungen knüpfen und profitiert von der kostenlosen Nutzung von Cloudkapazitäten.

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800.000€ grant for Code Intelligence

Code Intelligence GmbH has been accepted into the StartUpSecure program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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How politics "made in Germany" is slowing down the IT sector

Philipp Langnickel, co-founder of Code Intelligence, in an interview with Wirtschaftswoche.

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Open Bosch Award for Code Intelligence

The Bosch Group recognizes Code Intelligence GmbH with the “Open Bosch Award” for best start-up collaboration 2019.

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Automobilwoche reports: Bosch honors startups

The Open Bosch Award honors the world's best open innovation projects from startups with Bosch.

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Coverage-based Fuzzing Revolutionizes Software Testing

Code Intelligence brings an important innovation to the software testing process.

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We're part of the AI Landscape 2019!

Code Intelligence is one of the 214 most promising AI startups working across enterprise functions, enterprise intelligence, AI tech stack, and industries.

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Founders in Rhineland: These 6 start-ups could take off in 2019

The Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger reports about Code Intelligence.

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