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Level Up Your Tests

Building Robust APIs with Minimal Effort

Building secure and reliable APIs is an essential and challenging endeavor. Traditional API testing approaches perform blackbox testing and test the application through the network. This is both slow and lacks deep insights into how the tested application handles API requests. Also, it happens late in the software development lifecycle as it requires a complete application deployment.

In this talk, I will discuss and demonstrate how to integrate modern white-box testing into your development workflow, focusing on Java/JVM applications. You can think of it as planting a smart pentester with full visibility inside your application and asking them to continuously find security and reliability issues. You will learn how to integrate robustness testing into your daily workflow and benefit from IDE support for debugging and test coverage reporting. To complete the cycle, we will show how to integrate this into your CI pipeline to ensure your code is tested on every code change. 

I will show the complete workflow with a live demo using our open-source CLI and free SaaS offering, allowing you to try the entire demo after the webinar.

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Khaled Yakdan

About the Speaker

Khaled Yakdan is a Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Code Intelligence.