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Automatically Detect Concurrency Issues in Automotive Software

How to Fuzz your Software with 3 Commands

What to Expect

CI Fuzz CLI is an open-source tool that lets you run feedback-based fuzz tests directly from your command line. Every developer can use it to find bugs and vulnerabilities with 3 simple commands.

In this live stream, our expert Daniel:

  • Covers the current state of fuzz testing
  • Shows how to fuzz CAN interfaces and automatically detect concurrency issues.
  • Uncovers multiple bugs like severe memory corruption vulnerabilities

All code examples and tools used are open-source.

# Initialize fuzzing

$ cifuzz init

# Create your first fuzz test

$ cifuzz create my_fuzz_test

# Run fuzz test and find bugs

$ cifuzz run my_fuzz_test

To Be Announced

About the Speaker

Daniel Teuchert is a Customer Success Engineer at Code Intelligence.

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