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CI Spark.
Breaking the barrier of Dynamic Application Security Testing.

Detect and autoconfigure entry points with CI Spark, an AI assistant that leverages private large language models (LLMs) to automate the CI Fuzz onboarding of new projects.

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All code stays private. CI Spark does not share any of your code with any 3rd party for learning or other purposes.

Accelerate Software Security Testing by 15x.

CI Spark can significantly reduce the workload to create tests for any unknown code from several days to under three hours! Our vision is removing this overhead entirely.

Identify Identify

Harnessing cutting-edge generative AI, CI Spark automates the traditionally time-consuming task of understanding existing code and identifying the best areas to add tests.


CI Spark was created to increase efficiency creating tests to a next level. While writing these tests is as simple as creating a Unit Test, knowing where the first tests will create the biggest value is key if testing time is very limited.

Create Create

Unleash the power of CI Spark, where generative AI seamlessly automates the creation of fuzz tests—a cornerstone of AI-powered white-box testing.


CI Spark does not stop telling you where tests make most sense in your code. CI Spark can generate tests for you. Instant Return Of Invest is key when time is the biggest consraint.

Optimize Optimize

CI Spark AI does not only support test generation but can be used to further optimize existing tests.


CI Spark does not stop when a test is created. Either the developer can further optimize if required or CI Spark can interact with the developer and optimize the code of tests for highest code coverage.

CI Spark: Automation potential of leveraging generative AI.



Legacy Code Base

CI Spark was proven to cover unknown code by automatically analyzing, finding the right places to place tests and creating them. Legacy code often does not match newer quality and security standards. Get this code under test fast with CI Spark.

3rd Party Code

Providing quality code to other teams or companies requires good test coverage. When receiving code, it is important to quickly check and match own quality and security standards. Use CI Spark to make this job fast and simple.

Own Code Development

Time is money. And developers will appreciate a way to short-cut creation of tests for their code significantly. Adhere to high quality and security standards from day one. Adhere to all delivery timelines and not miss test coverage.

”Thanks to Code Intelligence we were able to remediate deeply hidden issues, allowing us to ensure our vehicular software’s optimal functionality and safety. Coming up with the right unit tests for these cases would have been super difficult. With Code Intelligence’s AI-powered tests, we had the first finding within hours!”
Saleh HeydariVP of Software Engineering, XOS Trucks
”Code Intelligence helps developers ship secure software by providing the necessary integrations to test their code at each pull request, without ever having to leave their favorite environment. It's like having an automated security expert always by your side.”
Thomas DohmkeCEO, GitHub

Why choose Code Intelligence?

Join Industry Leaders and follow in the footsteps of companies like CARIAD, Bosch, and Continental. Detect critical bugs early in the testing stages and achieve compliance with industry standards.

Book your free demo with one of our senior engineers now and take the first step towards robust, secure software development with Code Intelligence.

  • Automate software testing for embedded systems.
  • Detect critical bugs & vulnerabilities early in the development.
  • Uncover only actual issues without false positives.
  • Enable developers to reproduce & fix issues in minutes, not weeks.
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards.


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