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Efficient testing. Cover the unexpected.

CI Fuzz makes the high end testing technology used in critical systems available to everybody and allows to save hours of creating and maintaining traditional tests.


Efficient testing. Cover the unexpected.

CI Fuzz makes the high end testing technology used in critical systems available to everybody and allows to save hours of creating and maintaining traditional tests.

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The new gold standard of testing.

Deliver robust and secure software with less effort. Replace old-fashioned tries to cover all unexpected cases in dedicated unit or API tests with CI Fuzz. Allow AI to check the code for everything that could possibly go wrong and just write proper tests for the expected business logic.

Focus on testing business logic

Replace all tests checking for unexpected behavior with a single CI Fuzz test.


Ensure refactorings do not change behavior

CI Fuzz allows to easily compare old and new behavior for any input.


Ensure new versions of your API do not cause any regressions

CI Fuzz takes care of checking the behavior not changing for different code versions, even different API versions. For all potential input.

Watch a short video of how CLI-integrated fuzz testing can be used to uncover bugs

Watch a short video on how to build a unified workflow for functional and security testing using JUnit (with code examples).

Testing efficiency with CI Fuzz and CI Sense.

Unit tests and standard API tests cover your business logic. CI Fuzz allows to reduce the number of tests for full coverage drastically. Use CI Fuzz for property-based testing “Things that must never / always happen”. Use CI Fuzz for Roundtrip and differential testing. And finally: Let it check for everything you did not think about including to not just find patterns of potentially insecure code but real ways to break it.

Systematic testing with property-based testing.

  • Define properties or invariants that should always be satisfied for all inputs.
  • Check defined properties in your CI Fuzz tests.
  • Any failed assertion means a violation of defined properties.
  • Debug and fix the issues.
  • Rerun your CI Fuzz tests.

Don’t rack your brain about all cases that could happen.

CI Fuzz fully covers you and identifies all potential inputs that would break your code.

CI Fuzz automatically creates a regression test case. No need to write an additional test.

Full transparency. CI Fuzz allows you to always look at the test and regression cases. No hidden magic.

Get to the highest coverage with less tests.



Get security checks for free and on the fly to find the following issues:

  • Infinite loops
  • Out of memory errors
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Remote code execution
  • Path traversal
  • SQL injection
  • Command injection
  • Naming context lookup (e.g., Log4Shell)
  • Regex injection
  • Insecure deserialization
  • Expression language injection

What’s under the hood?

  • Coverage-guided test case generation
  • In-process for highest speed and more than 4 million executions per second
  • Bytecode instrumentation for Java
  • Works on console and directly in your IDE. Just like your unit tests
  • Powers JVM Fuzzing in Google’s OSS-Fuzz
  • Deep JUnit5 integration for Java
  • Seamless JEST integration for JavaScript and TypeScript
"Thanks to Code Intelligence fuzzing approaches, our security testing became significantly more effective. All our developers are now able to fix business critical bugs early in the development process, without false-positives."


Andreas Weichslgartner
Andreas WeichslgartnerSenior Technical Security Engineer, CARIAD
“One of the biggest advantages of instrumented fuzz testing is that you can execute your code in a Software-in-the-Loop simulator. My favourite part of instrumented fuzzing is that finding the root cause is so easy, and for a manager, it means I can save budget.”
Michael von Wenckstern 2024
Michael Von WencksternProduct Cybersecurity Governance, Risk and Compliance Specialist, Continental AG
”Thanks to Code Intelligence we were able to remediate deeply hidden issues, allowing us to ensure our vehicular software’s optimal functionality and safety. Coming up with the right unit tests for these cases would have been super difficult. With Code Intelligence’s AI-powered tests, we had the first finding within hours!”
Saleh HeydariVP of Software Engineering, XOS Trucks
”Code Intelligence helps developers ship secure software by providing the necessary integrations to test their code at each pull request, without ever having to leave their favorite environment. It's like having an automated security expert always by your side.”
Thomas DohmkeCEO, GitHub

Why choose Code Intelligence?

Join Industry Leaders and follow in the footsteps of companies like CARIAD, Bosch, and Continental. Detect critical bugs early in the testing stages and achieve compliance with industry standards.

Book your free demo with one of our senior engineers now and take the first step towards robust, secure software development with Code Intelligence.

  • Automate software testing for embedded systems.
  • Detect critical bugs & vulnerabilities early in the development.
  • Uncover only actual issues without false positives.
  • Enable developers to reproduce & fix issues in minutes, not weeks.
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards.

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