5 Reasons Why You Should Fuzz Java Applications

Java is one of the most used programming languages in the industry. It is employed for a wide spectrum of applications ranging from GUIs and databases to server, web, and mobile applications and IoT software. These applications need to be particularly reliable and secure. In this context, automated security testing is becoming more and more popular among developers, because it is currently the most effective approach for functional and stability testing and it helps to uncover critical bugs, like SQL-Injections, or XSS-Bugs.

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1. Java Is Not Inherently Secure

It’s a popular misconception that memory-safe languages are secure by nature. Find out why this is wrong.

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2. You Can Increase Your Code Coverage

Modern fuzzing approaches can help developers increase their code coverage and secure their Java applications.

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3. You Can Automate Your Security Testing

Feedback-based fuzzing enables you to find many of the OWASP top 10 most common vulnerabilities.

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4. Getting Started With Java Fuzzing Is Easy

Find out how you can easily build fuzz targets for your Java applications.

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5. Java Fuzzing Is Available Open Source

With Jazzer, the open source fuzzing engine for JVM-based languages, developers can increase their test coverage to find edge cases, and avoid software bugs more effectively.

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"I knew a custom fuzzer I wrote way back was not particularly good, but I was still surprised when CI's fuzzer turned up a bunch of bugs that mine never caught. I was impressed with how well versed the CI folk are in identifying properties to check, and how on point the reports were."

Mike Samuel
Mike Samuel
Security Engineer // Google

A Whole Conference on Fuzzing Web Security

FuzzCon Europe - WebSecurity Edition was the first big online event on fuzzing web applications. 

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Webinars on Fuzzing Java Applications

Webinar Fuzzing WebServices

Fuzzing Complex
Web Services

In this webinar, Simon Resch will demonstrate a novel approach that allows you to simplify and automate your web application testing using modern fuzzing techniques. 

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Webinar API Fuzzing for eCommerce

API Fuzzing for eCommerce Platforms

In this webinar, our CTO Khaled Yakdan will show you how to use feedback-based fuzzing to find vulnerabilities in the backend of your web application. Learn to efficiently detect security vulnerabilities and bugs.

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The Path to Secure Java Microservices

Learn how to detect web vulnerabilities (e.g. SQL injections) with modern fuzzing approaches in OWASP's Web Goat project. We talk about the security challenges of the Java framework Spring Boot. 

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Get Started With CI Fuzz

Get in touch with our developers to test Java Applications with the CI Fuzz platform to provide secure and reliable software.

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