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With CI Fuzz you can automatically
run powerful security tests with each pull request.

Develop Secure Software Fast

Find and fix vulnerabilities long before they reach production.

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How CI Fuzz Improves Your Development

Smart Bug Detection

Advanced security checks and bug detectors help you to fix bugs early in the development process. Continuous testing without false positives.

Advanced Debugging

Fix bugs and vulnerabilities faster. CI Fuzz provides you with a powerful crash analysis and a visual debugging interface in your favorite IDE.

Detailed Reporting

CI Fuzz reports bugs and vulnerabilities in a user-friendly dashboard. Keep track of the code coverage, detect bugs and vulnerabilities in all of your projects.

Easy Fuzzing Setup

Create powerful fuzzing jobs to test and secure your code continuously. CI Fuzz makes it easy for your team to apply automated fuzz tests in their projects.

Effortless Integration

Integrate CI Fuzz into your development environment (IDE, Build System, CI/CD). We support several languages (e.g C/C++, Java, Go) and architectures.

Get Started

Try out CI Fuzz yourself

Supported Languages

Combine the Advantages of Conventional Testing Methods

Most security testing solutions either rely on Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), Static Application Security Testing (SAST) or Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST). CI Fuzz combines the benefits of these methods by enhancing dynamic testing methods with feedback about code coverage. This allows CI Fuzz to generate smart test inputs that can uncover well-hidden vulnerabilities reliably  without false positives.

fuzzing is the most scalable approach

Supported Integrations

Debug Your Software in a Few Clicks

For each vulnerability found, CI fuzz provides a summary of the crash input and the log information.
From there, it only takes one click to jump right to the erroneous part of the code.

debug without false-positives

Test Your Software With Each Pull Request

By running fuzzing in your CI/CD pipeline, you can conduct automated security tests with each pull request. 
This will help you to improve the quality of your code and to fix bugs faster.