Your Steps to Secure Software

Integrating Fuzzing in GitLab and Jenkins

1. Effortless Integration

Integrate CI Fuzz into your build system and development environment (IDE, Build System, CI/CD). We support several languages and architectures.

Setup Fuzz Tests for Java and C++

2. Easy Fuzzing Setup

Create powerful fuzzing jobs to test and secure your code continuously. CI Fuzz makes it easy for your team to apply fuzz tests in their projects, too.

automated reporting with fuzz testing

3. Detailed Reporting

CI Fuzz reports bugs and vulnerabilities in a user-friendly dashboard. Keep track of the code coverage, detected bugs and vulnerabilities in all of your projects.


4. Smart Bug Detection

Advanced security checks and bug detectors help you to fix bugs early in the development process. Continuous testing without false positives.

assisted debugging with fuzzing tool

5. Advanced Debugging

Fix bugs and vulnerabilities faster. CI Fuzz provides you a powerful crash analysis and a visual debugging interface in your favorite IDE. 


6. Get Started

We take you on a tour to explore CI Fuzz. Watch our demo video!

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Find out in how our software testing solution can help you provide secure and reliable software.

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Which Vulnerabilities Does Fuzzing Prevent?


Sensitive Data Exposure

Insecure Deserialization

Buffer overflows

Use after free

Memory leaks

Data races

Software crashes

Hangs / freezes

Uncaught exceptions

Undefined behavior

& many more...

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