Your Steps to Secure Software

Effortless Integration

Integrable into any build system and development environment (IDE, Build System, CI/CD). We support several languages and architectures.

C/C++ | Java | Go | ...

GitLab | Jenkins | GitHub Actions | ...


Easy Fuzzing Setup

Easy fuzzing setup even with limited experience in fuzzing. Create powerful fuzzing jobs to test and secure your code continuously.

CI Java Fuzzer | afl++ | libFuzzer | hongfuzz | radamsa | …


Detailed Reporting

Bugs and vulnerabilities are reported in a user-friendly dashboard. Keep track of detected vulnerabilities, bugs and code smells in all your projects.

Notification | Email | Ticketing systems | PDF | ...



Smart Bug Detection

Automated security checks are performed continuously. Advanced bug detectors to secure your code. Once a bug is found, descriptions and helpful links are displayed for easy fixes. Fortunately, there are no false positives awaiting you.

OWASP ZAP | Google Sanitizer | Valgrind | ...


Advanced Debugging

Simple crash analysis with visual debugging interface in your favorite IDE. Fix bugs and vulnerabilities easily by stepping through the auto-generated breakpoints in the debugging mode.

Reproducible inputs | Auto-generated breakpoints



Why CI Fuzz?

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Finding software flaws early avoids follow-up costs up to 60% and reduces your time to market.

icon_Fuzzing for Everyone

Bulletproof Security

Unique ­combination of the ­latest ­breakthrough ­technologies ­under one roof to secure applications as the big tech companies do.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Maximizes ­developer productivity by finding bugs right after code commit.

icon_Smart Bug Detection

Usable Fuzzing

Fuzz testing becomes easier than writing unit tests and increases your code coverage.

Selection of Vulnerabilities we identify


Sensitive Data Exposure

Insecure Deserialization

Buffer overflows

Use after free

Memory leaks

Data races

Software crashes

Hangs / freezes

Uncaught exceptions

Undefined behavior

& many more...