How half of all cyberattacks could be prevented

The advancing digitalization creates numerous new gateways for hackers. Both software manufacturers and users can protect themselves with simple methods.


The Success Story of Modern Fuzzing

New article about the success of modern fuzzing. Sergej Dechand explains why modern fuzzing is becoming the new standard in software testing.

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Fuzzing: Efficient and Safe Testing in Software Development

The increasing complexity of modern software and increasingly popular agile software development methods require more effective and automated testing methods.

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Fuzzing - Attack is the Best Defence

Fuzzing has become an essential part of software testing. Security is relevant for almost every software. The automated testing of software with fuzzing offers some advantages that developers should take advantage of when testing.

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Security Testing Methods in Comparison

Manual security and penetration tests are no longer able to cope with the vast amounts of code produced daily. Automated software testing can help. This article lists the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods and approaches.

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Dynamic Software Testing: How to Detect more Bugs with Fuzzing

In the field of software testing, the "fuzzing" method is on the rise. Google is said to have already discovered over 18,000 bugs in Chrome via fuzzing. Sergej Dechand, CEO and test expert at Code Intelligence, in an interview with about the functionality, advantages and best practices of fuzz testing.

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800.000€ grant for Code Intelligence

The German Federal Ministry of Education and research assigned an 800.000€ grant for Code Intelligence for its research in the field of automated security tests with fuzzing technology.

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How politics "made in Germany" is slowing down the IT sector

German companies are dependent on giants from the USA and China for future technology. These companies can only become self-sufficient if politicians support small IT champions - or at least give them contracts.

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Open Bosch Award for Code Intelligence

The Bosch Group recognizes Code Intelligence GmbH and Hesai Photonics Technology Co., Ltd. with the “Open Bosch Award” for best start-up collaboration. 

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Automobilwoche reports: Bosch honors startups

The Open Bosch Award honors the world's best open innovation projects from startups with Bosch. Bosch has, for the first time, distinguished two startups (Code Intelligence GmbH and Hesai Photonics Technology) for collaboration in open innovation projects.

Open Bosch Award

We're part of the AI Landscape 2019!

Code Intelligence became part of a list of 214 most promising German Artificial Intelligence startups across industries and technologies. The list of AI startups (AI Landscape), that specifically features German startups, has been compiled by Initiative for Applied Artificial Intelligence together with their partners and contributors (Google, NVIDIA, etc.). They screened about 1000 startups to find the best young AI companies in Germany. Code Intelligence is featured in the category IT & Security.

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Coverage-based Fuzzing Revolutionizes Software Testing

What startup does already count Deutsche Börse, Bosch and Deutsche Telekom among its customers? Code Intelligence brings an important innovation to the software testing process: the CI testing solution is based on a new revolutionary concept of coverage-based fuzzing that eliminates a lot of manual work and existing integration problems.

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