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Code Intelligence and Google Collaborate to Secure the Open-Source JavaScript Landscape 

Collaboration will allow open-source developers to continuously test their JavaScript components for bugs and vulnerabilities similar to Log4Shell, and assist them in writing more secure and reliable code.

Bonn, Germany, February 08, 2023 - Code Intelligence, the automated testing platform, confirmed today that it is adding support for JavaScript into OSS-Fuzz, Google’s platform for continuous fuzzing for open-source software. 

JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages, especially in the context of web applications. However, security testing for the JavaScript landscape is insufficient, due to a lack of reliable security tools and good integration to common development environments. As part of Code Intelligence's initiative to develop advanced fuzzing and bug detection capabilities for memory-safe languages, it recently released Jazzer.js, a state-of-the-art fuzz testing engine that brings the advancements of white-box fuzzing into the JavaScript ecosystem. 

The integration of Jazzer.js into OSS-Fuzz will be the second major language integration from Code Intelligence into Google’s open-source security testing service, for which Code Intelligence provides a complete and advanced fuzzing and bug detection solution. The company’s previous fuzz testing integration into OSS-Fuzz, for Java projects, has already contributed to finding over 500 critical bugs and security vulnerabilities, including remote code execution (such as Log4Shell), Cross-Site Scripting, and injections. 

Google and Code Intelligence Extend their Collaboration on Open-Source Security

OSS-Fuzz integrates advanced, industry-standard fuzzing technologies for the languages it supports. As part of their collaboration, Code Intelligence has been a strong contributor to OSS-Fuzz for memory-safe languages, such as Java and Go:

 “We’ve continuously made improvements to OSS-Fuzz’s infrastructure over the years and expanded our language offerings to cover C/C++, Go, Rust, Java, Python, and Swift, and have introduced support for new frameworks such as FuzzTest.” says Oliver Chang, Senior Staff Engineer at Google’s OSS Fuzzing Team. “Additionally, as part of an ongoing collaboration with Code Intelligence, we’ll soon have support for JavaScript fuzzing through Jazzer.js.” 

Jazzer.js Brings Whitebox Fuzz Testing to JavaScript

Jazzer.js is free, open-source, and offers a Jest testing framework integration, so developers can write fuzz tests as easily as unit tests. Furthermore, Jazzer.js is released into the node package manager (npm) so that it is easily accessible by developers. As a result, developers can benefit from excellent integration into their integrated development environments (IDEs), such as IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code, out-of-the-box.

“Our mission is to give every developer the necessary tools to write more secure code.”, says Khaled Yakdan, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Code Intelligence. “I’m very glad about the collaboration with Google’s Open-Source Security Team. This will help in making the JavaScript ecosystem more reliable and secure.” 

Jazzer.js enables coverage-guided fuzzing for JavaScript and the Node.js

About Code Intelligence:

Founded in 2018 by Sergej Dechand, Khaled Yakdan, and Matthew Smith, Code Intelligence offers an automated software security platform that helps developers ship more secure code. The startup strongly focuses on securing memory-safe languages widely used in the industry. To this end, it develops and maintains the leading fuzzing engines for Java and JavaScript. It also contributed several improvements to fuzzing in Golang, which have been integrated into the language, benefiting all Go developers. Code Intelligence is trusted by Google, Deutsche Telekom, Bosch, and CARIAD, amongst others.

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