3 Reasons Why You Should Fuzz Embedded Systems

Embedded systems play a crucial role in many different industries, such as automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, and many more. Securing such systems is highly important, as their functionality can have a physical impact on our lives (f.e. example in automotive brake-systems).

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1. Increased Code Coverage

With feedback-based fuzzing, you can use information about code coverage to guide your test inputs towards critical areas:

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2. Early Bug Detection

Feedback-based fuzzing enables you to find bugs and vulnerabilities before they become a real problem:

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3. No Bug is Safe From Fuzzing

With the CI Fuzz testing platform, our customers regularly uncover new bugs in applications that have already been tested with conventional testing methods. 

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Fuzzing Embedded Systems with Dependencies

In this hacking session, we will demonstrate an automated testing approach that will instantly improve your code coverage.

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