1. Increased Code Coverage

    With feedback-based fuzzing, you can use information about code coverage to guide your test inputs towards critical areas. Read the full article on Why Leading Tech Companies Use Address Sanitizers to Secure Software

    2. Early Bug Detection

    Feedback-based fuzzing enables you to find bugs and vulnerabilities before they become a real problem. Read the full case article on Fuzz Embedded Systems with Dependencies

    3. No Bug is Safe From Fuzzing

    With the CI Fuzz testing platform, our customers regularly uncover new bugs in applications that have already been tested with conventional testing methods. Watch webinar recording on CVE Hunting With Fuzzing in Open Source Software

    Andreas Weichslgartner
    Andreas Weichslgartner
    Developer, Security Professional

    Thanks to CI Fuzz, our security testing became significantly more effective. All our developers are now able to fix business-critical bugs early in the development process, without any false positives.

    Andreas Weichslgartner
    Andreas Weichslgartner
    Developer, Security Professional

    Best Practice: Continental

    Continental achieved to test a safety module with 18,000 lines of code (LoC) within only one week.
    The HMI Business Unit at Continental accelerated their development process and increased their test coverage by implementing continuous fuzz testing into their development process. Continental now achieves above 95% code coverage in almost all of its safety modules.
    Fuzz testing also enabled the developers to mock their hardware with fuzz data. With this new approach, they are now able to protect their software against edge cases and unexpected behaviors. For example, in the case when a sensor should send unusual or erroneous inputs.

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    Use Case:
    Testing Embedded Systems with Dependencies

    In this hacking session, we will demonstrate an automated testing approach that will instantly improve your code coverage.

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