As a Senior Software Engineer at Code Intelligence, Simon Resch is a specialist for fuzzing Java applications. He was one of the leading developers behind Jazzer, an open-source fuzzer for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Jazzer has recently been integrated into Google's open-source fuzzing framework OSS-Fuzz, where it contributes to securing many popular open-source applications, such as Apache/PDFBox or OWASP/json-sanitizer.

Articles by Author

In 5 steps, I will show you how to find a remote code execution vulnerability in an unreleased version of the  German Covid-19 tracing app (CWA), using feedback-based fuzz testing.

Security testing for microservices is particularly hard, as they are highly interconnected. In...

How to Prevent Downtime of Web Services, by Automating Your Security Testing. Developers Need to...

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