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The Future of Productive Development

Self-Learning AI for a Secure Tomorrow

AI Is Fundamentally Transforming the SDLC

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence have placed the technology sector at a pivotal juncture, reshaping the way we develop software even more rapidly than the adoption of cloud computing did. 

In this whitepaper, you will learn about:

  • The impact of today's massive AI adoption on software security
  • How self-learning AI can be harnessed to ship secure products despite ever-increasing complexity
  • How AI-testing tools can be used to test AI-generated code at scale
  • How AI adoption will reshape every single stage of the SDLC 
The Future of Productive Development

Cloud-native development and DevOps changed the constructs of how software is built. AI will do the same.

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Sergej Dechand is the CEO and Co-Founder of Code Intelligence, where together with his team, he builds AI-powered testing tools that empower developers to write better software. Before founding Code Intelligence, Sergej spent over 8 years in academia, researching communication and application security. The results of his work have been published at top-tier international security conferences.

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Khaled Yakdan  is the Chief Scientist and Co-Founder at Code Intelligence. Holding a PhD in Computer Science and having spent over 9 years in academia, Khaled now oversees the implementation of research outcomes in AI, usable security, and vulnerability detection into Code Intelligence’s products. He worked and contributed to research in reverse engineering, vulnerability finding, and concolic executions. His papers are published at top-tier international security conferences.

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