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Hunting For Injections

The CI Fuzz testing platform ensures the functional safety of software, but it's also suitable for disclosing serious security vulnerabilities, such as cross-site-scripting (XXS), and other injections.  

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How Companies Improved Their Security Testing With CI Fuzz

Telekom CI logo

Deutsche Telekom

Securing Telco Software

CI Fuzz enabled Telekom's security testing experts to complete projects much faster and to increase productivity in an easy way.

Continental CI logo

Continental AG

Securing Automotive Software

Continental managed to test a large safety module with 18,000 lines of code (LoC) within only one week.

sodgeIT CI logo

sodge IT

Securing Supply Chains

sodge IT applied automated security testing to open-source components in their supply chain and fixed 3 critical vulnerabilities (CVEs). 

How Developers Improved Their Security Testing With CI Fuzz


Securing Automotive Software

C/C++ Software

Due to ISO 21434 and the increasing interconnectivity of modern vehicles, many automotive developers need to  automate their security testing. 

emb syst icon

Securing Embedded Systems

Embedded Software

CI Fuzz enabled embedded developers to secure embedded systems with dependencies, and significantly improved their code coverage.


Securing Web Applications

Java Software

Securing web applications used to be incredibly complex. CI fuzz simplifies the shipping of the testing process, with a single platform approach.

Finding and Fixing Vulnerabilities in Open-Source Applications With CI Fuzz

apache logo

Apache Commons Imaging


Apache Commons Imaging is a library that reads and writes a variety of image formats. With CI Fuzz we've detected 4 bugs and 3 vulnerabilities, completely automated.

test lighttpd c++



LightHTTP is a lightweight open source web server developed for speed-critical environments. CI Fuzz uncovered 2 memory corruptions (buffer overflows).

test zint c++



Zint is a popular open-source barcode generator. With the CI Fuzz testing platform, we were able to find 21 vulnerabilities, and achieve 62% of Code Coverage.

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