Penetration Testers

Code Intelligence combines the advantages of modern static and dynamic software analysis methods. Our tool helps you to test more projects with less manual effort while using the most sophisticated application security methods like feedback-based fuzzing.


Latest Technology

  • Combination of several fuzzing engines: libFuzzer with Sanitziers, AFL++, and honggfuzz
  • Static analysis to automate and feed the fuzzers
  • Classic pattern generation with radamsa
  • Concolic execution framework similar to Qsym and Driller 
vulnerability discovery

Better Code Coverage

  • Automated generation of valid inputs through grammars
  • Efficient input mutation to reach more code edges 
  • Optional integration of seed files
  • Measurement and visualization of code coverage 
fuzzing code coverage

Faster Testing

  • Initial code analysis producing suggestions on API functions to fuzz
  • Flexible control of tests through a UI or via the command line
  • No wasted fuzzer runs due to purposeful mutation
  • Elimination of false positives through dynamic testing
no false positives

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