Automated Testing for Developers

CI Fuzz is a dynamic software testing solution with an IDE plugin that helps you to build secure code from the start. CI Fuzz is easy to set up and use and it will improve the quality of your code!

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Easy to Use

  • No deep technical knowledge of fuzzing or symbolic execution required
  • Seamless IDE integration 
  • Fast and easy setup (no need to change any build system settings like with AFL or libFuzzer)
  • Automated assistants conduct an initial code analysis and offer suggestions which interfaces and API functions are fuzz-worthy - select them with a simple click

Outstanding Results

  • Industry-leading code coverage through the integration of multiple fuzzing and symbolic execution engines in the back-end
  • Code coverage visualization on dashboards and in the code view
  • Easily integrate application-specific input grammars for structure-aware fuzzing
  • Smart mutation of inputs combining fuzzing with concolic execution to find bugs normal fuzzers never reach

Continuous Integration

  • Integration into standard CI/CD workflows, e.g. Jenkins
  • Fuzzing on a Kubernetes cluster for on-demand scalability
  • Repeat testing available on each code change
  • Replay bugs directly in IDE using debugging mode

With CI Fuzz You Can:

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