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News and Updates on Fuzzing and Application Security Testing

Roman Wagner 1 min read

19 Bugs in Jsoup Found With Jazzer

jsoup: users should upgrade to version 1.14.2!
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Henning Perl 2 min read

What Bugs Can You Find With Fuzzing?

A long list of bugs and vulnerabilities that gets regularly updated.
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Philipp Schwartz 3 min read

The Pain of Being a Tech Lead

About the daily sorrows of a Tech Lead and how I overcame (most) of them.
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Henning Perl 4 min read

Injections - The Many Faced Threat

The 10 Most Frequent Types of Injection Vulnerabilities.
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Simon Resch 4 min read

Testing Microservices in 5 Easy Steps

Learn how to test your microservices for common web vulnerabilities such as (SQL) ...
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Jan Schrewe 3 min read

Code Coverage: The Most Important Metric in Web Security

In this article, I want to clarify why code coverage is such an important security metric ...
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Simon Resch 3 min read

HTTP 503: Preventing Downtime With Security Testing

How to prevent downtime of web services, by automating your security testing.
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Khaled Yakdan 3 min read

Why Fuzz Testing Can Do More Than C/C++

Fuzz testing is not only effective at securing memory corruptions in C/C++, but also at ...
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Fabian Meumertzheim 7 min read

How to Write Fuzz Targets With Jazzer

Fabian Meumertzheim is one of the leading engineers behind Jazzer. In this article, he ...
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Marina Polishchuk 4 min read

Stateful REST API Fuzzing with RESTler

Marina Polishchuk, from Microsoft Research, on stateful REST API Fuzzing with RESTler
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Abhishek Arya 2 min read

Short Intro to OSS-Fuzz

OSS-Fuzz has found over 28 000 bugs in more than 400 open-source projects.
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Caroline Lemieux 6 min read

Expanding the Reach of Coverage-Guided Fuzzing

Caroline Lemieux summarizes her talk from FuzzCon Europe 2020. Topics include ...
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