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News and Updates on Fuzzing and Application Security Testing

Roman Wagner 5 min read

How To Test for SQL Injections [Complete Guide]

SQL injection vulnerabilities allow attackers to run arbitrary commands against your ...
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Norbert Schneider 4 min read

Jazzer.js Brings Effective Fuzzing to JavaScript (Open-Source)

Jazzer.js is an open-source fuzzer for the Node.js platform. It is based on libFuzzer and ...
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Khaled Yakdan 9 min read

Improvements in Golang Fuzzing (Golang 1.19)

Learn more about the fuzzing improvements coming with Golang 1.19.
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Norbert Schneider 6 min read

On the Fuzzing Hook - Exploring Deeper Program States

Fuzzing hooks can help you find more bugs by improving your fuzzer input. Find out how ...
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Sebastian Poeplau 1 min read

Testing Clojure Code With Jazzer

Follow the instructions to set it up clj fuzz targets with Jazzer.
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Roman Wagner 2 min read

Tooling Overview for API Testing (SAST, DAST, IAST, Fuzzing)

Learn about the up- and downsides of different API testing approaches (SAST, DAST, IAST, ...
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Sergej Dechand 1 min read

Bug Detectors for log4j Are Now Available in Google’s OSS-Fuzz

Java developers can now run continuous security tests for JNDI lookups and RCEs in ...
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Fabian Meumertzheim 3 min read

Finding the log4j RCE With Fuzzing

We open sourced detectors that can detect log4j vulnerabilities in Jazzer and OSS-Fuzz.
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Simon Resch 2 min read

Continuous REST API Testing With CI Fuzz

Find out how CI Fuzz can help you secure your REST APIs.
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Daniel Teuchert 3 min read

The 6 Biggest Challenges of REST API Testing

Learn about 6 of the biggest challenges surrounding REST API testing and find out how ...
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Philippe Antoine 4 min read

One Year of Fuzzing and Fixing Suricata

Find out how Philippe Antoine found and fixed 49 unique bugs in Suricata with modern ...
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Fabian Meumertzheim 2 min read

Autofuzz: Fuzzing Without Writing Fuzz Targets or Harnesses

The new Jazzer update offers Java developers even more automation, bug detectors for ...
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