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Fresh Articles on Application Security Testing

Sergej Dechand 2 min read

Bug Detectors for log4j Are Now Available in Google’s OSS-Fuzz

Java developers can now run continuous security tests for JNDI lookups and RCEs in ...
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Fabian Meumertzheim 1 min read

Finding the log4j RCE With Fuzzing

We open sourced detectors that can detect log4j vulnerabilities in Jazzer and OSS-Fuzz.
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Henning Perl 2 min read

How Fuzzing Helped Continental Test 18K LoC in a Week

How Continental Tested a Safety Module With 18 000 Lines of Code in Only One Week.
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Khaled Yakdan 1 min read

Jazzer Now Integrated Into OSS-Fuzz

Google integrates Code Intelligence’s Java fuzzer into OSS-Fuzz. Now open-source projects ...
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Fabian Meumertzheim 2 min read

Fuzz Testing for JVM Is Now Open Source

Code Intelligece is releasing Jazzer, a powerful fuzzer for the Java Virtual Machine ...
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Henning Perl 5 min read

Fuzzing as a Service (Faas) Is Now Available for Free

The closed-beta for our fuzzing as a service (FaaS) platform is now available for free. ...
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Alexander Thiam 6 min read

4 of the Hottest Topics of Fuzzcon Europe 2020

This article summarizes the hottest topics in application security from FuzzCon Europe ...
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Alexander Thiam 3 min read

Application Security Testing Report 2020 (AST-Report)

With hackers on the rise, Application Security Testing is constantly gaining importance. ...
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Sergej Dechand 6 min read

2 Mio € for Code Intelligence to Innovate Software Testing

Software security company from Bonn raises 2 Mio € and will accelerate the development of ...
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Christian Hartlage 6 min read

CVE Hunting: Fuzzing ZINT

SodgeIT detected a CVE in the open-source software ZINT, with coverage-guided fuzzing.
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Jonathan Reimer 3 min read

Code Intelligence Found 12 CVEs in Suricata

How CI found 12 CVEs while fuzzing the open-source Intrusion Detection System and ...
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Alexander Thiam 3 min read

Code Intelligence Profitiert Vom Techboost Startup-Programm

Die Deutsche Telekom und Code Intelligence arbeiten eng zusammen, um Software sicherer zu ...
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