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News and Updates on Fuzzing and Application Security Testing

Fabian Meumertzheim 3 min read

Finding the log4j RCE With Fuzzing

We open sourced detectors that can detect log4j ...
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Fabian Meumertzheim 2 min read

Autofuzz: Fuzzing Without Writing Fuzz Targets or Harnesses

The new Jazzer update offers Java developers even ...
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Roman Wagner 1 min read

19 Bugs in Jsoup Found With Jazzer

jsoup: users should upgrade to version 1.14.2!
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Henning Perl 3 min read

What Bugs Can You Find With Fuzzing?

A long list of bugs and vulnerabilities that gets ...
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Daniel Teuchert 4 min read

Testing Microservices in 5 Easy Steps

Learn how to test your microservices for common ...
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Khaled Yakdan 3 min read

Why Fuzz Testing Can Do More Than C/C++

Fuzz testing is not only effective at securing ...
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Fabian Meumertzheim 7 min read

How to Write Fuzz Targets for Java Applications

Fabian Meumertzheim is one of the leading ...
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Khaled Yakdan < 1 min read

Jazzer Now Integrated Into OSS-Fuzz

Google integrates Code Intelligence’s Java fuzzer ...
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Fabian Meumertzheim 1 min read

Fuzz Testing for JVM Is Now Open Source

Code Intelligece is releasing Jazzer, a powerful ...
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Fabian Meumertzheim 8 min read

Java Fuzzing with Jazzer [Complete Guide]

Jazzer is a coverage-guided fuzzer for the Java ...
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Jonathan Reimer 3 min read

10 Web Vulnerabilities Fuzzing Finds in Java Web Applications

Fuzzing only makes sense for C/C++? Learn how the ...
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