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News and Updates on Fuzzing and Application Security Testing

Khaled Yakdan 2 min read

Level Up Your Unit Tests: How to Turn a JUnit Test into a Fuzz Test

Follow this simple guide to learn how to easily ...
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Josh Grant 5 min read

Top 9 Methods for API Testing in Java

Discover the most effective method for testing ...
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Dae Glendowne 1 min read

Expression DoS Vulnerability Found in Spring - CVE-2023-20861

CVSS Base Score: 5.3 | Affected versions: all ...
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Josh Grant 6 min read

11 Tips for Unit Testing in Java

Follow these 11 tips for unit testing to build ...
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Josh Grant 4 min read

How To Do Unit Testing In Java

Learn how to do unit testing in Java using JUnit. ...
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Josh Grant 7 min read

Unit Testing Vs Fuzz Testing - Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Everything you need to know about the strengths ...
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Josh Grant 3 min read

How to Test a Java Application

Discover tools and techniques to ensure your Java ...
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Josh Grant 6 min read

How to Fuzz Java with CI Fuzz CLI

Learn how to fuzz your Java code using a few ...
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Markus Zoppelt 9 min read

Build Secure Java Applications with Fuzz Testing

Build secure java systems by integrating fuzz ...
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Roman Wagner 1 min read

Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Discovered in HSQLDB

CVSS Base Score: 9.8 | Affected versions: all ...
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Norbert Schneider 6 min read

On the Fuzzing Hook - Exploring Deeper Program States

Fuzzing hooks can help you find more bugs by ...
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Sebastian Poeplau 1 min read

Testing Clojure Code With Jazzer

Follow the instructions to set it up clj fuzz ...
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