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Fresh Articles on Application Security Testing

Roman Wagner 4 min read

Tooling Overview for API Testing (SAST, DAST, IAST, Fuzzing)

Learn about the up- and downsides of different API testing approaches (SAST, DAST, IAST, ...
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Paul Butcher 16 min read

Fuzz Testing in International Aerospace Guidelines

Why international aviation and aerospace regulators need additional guidelines that cover ...
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Daniel Teuchert 5 min read

The 6 Biggest Challenges of REST API Testing

Learn about 6 of the biggest challenges surrounding REST API testing and find out how ...
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Philippe Antoine 7 min read

One Year of Fuzzing and Fixing Suricata

Find out how Philippe Antoine found and fixed 49 unique bugs in Suricata with modern ...
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Niklas Henrich 3 min read

Why Fuzzing Will Help You Build Unbreakable API Endpoints

Web-based API endpoints are in the blind spot of many testing methods. Here are three ...
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Jan Schrewe 5 min read

Code Coverage: The Most Important Metric in Web Security

How code coverage can help developers make their code more reliable and secure.
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Simon Resch 7 min read

HTTP 503: Preventing Downtime With Security Testing

How to prevent downtime of web services, by automating your security testing.
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Khaled Yakdan 7 min read

Memory-Safe Fuzzing: Why Fuzz Testing Can Do More Than C/C++

Fuzz testing is not only effective at securing memory corruptions in C/C++, but also at ...
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Daniel Teuchert 8 min read

Fuzz Testing for Automotive Software

Comply with ISO 21434 and improve your automotive software security.
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Abhishek Arya 4 min read

Short Intro to OSS-Fuzz

OSS-Fuzz has found over 28 000 bugs in more than 400 open-source projects.
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Victor Marginean 7 min read

Why You Need Fuzzing for Automotive Machine Learning

Victor Marginean on his talk at FuzzCon - Automotive Edition about the experiences he ...
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Christian Holler 11 min read

The Human Component in Automated Bug Finding

Christian Holler weighs in on the human component in automated security testing. Learn ...
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