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Fresh Articles on Application Security Testing

Jonathan Reimer 2 min read

What Is Fuzzing? [Infographic]

Our infographic 'What is Fuzzing?' explains why technology leaders like Google rely on ...
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Jonathan Reimer 4 min read

5 CVEs Found With Feedback-Based Fuzzing

This blog post shows you 5 examples of software vulnerabilities that have been found with ...
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Sergej Dechand 9 min read

Rule of Ten: How To Cut Your Development Costs

Learn how the Rule of Ten can be used to predict software development costs and what ...
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Christian Hartlage 6 min read

CVE Hunting: Fuzzing ZINT

SodgeIT detected a CVE in the open-source software ZINT, with coverage-guided fuzzing.
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Alexander Thiam 4 min read

Security Testing: Functional or Non-Functional?

Is functional testing security testing? What is non-functional testing? What is the ...
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Jonathan Reimer 3 min read

Code Intelligence Found 12 CVEs in Suricata

How CI found 12 CVEs while fuzzing the open-source Intrusion Detection System and ...
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Christian Hartlage 5 min read

Why You Should Combine Symbolic Execution and Fuzzing

Learn how symbolic code execution can complement modern fuzzing technologies for more ...
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Christian Hartlage 4 min read

How to Select the Best Solution for Source Code Testing

Learn why source code scanning is important for quality assurance in software development ...
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Sergej Dechand 11 min read

The Magic Behind Feedback-Based Fuzzing

Modern fuzzing is a new way to automate security testing that will help you build secure ...
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Sergej Dechand 16 min read

Common Testing Methods: SAST, DAST, IAST and Feedback-Based Fuzzing

Learn about different approaches to software security testing such as SAST, DAST, IAST ...
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Alexander Thiam 3 min read

Code Intelligence Profitiert Vom Techboost Startup-Programm

Die Deutsche Telekom und Code Intelligence arbeiten eng zusammen, um Software sicherer zu ...
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