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Fresh Articles on Application Security Testing

Henning Perl 5 min read

Fuzzing as a Service (Faas) Is Now Available for Free

The closed-beta for our fuzzing as a service (FaaS) platform is now available for free. ...
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Sergej Dechand 6 min read

Automotive Software: 6 Tips to Comply With ISO 21434

ISO 21434 will present the automotive sector with new software security requirements ...
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Sergej Dechand 7 min read

Automotive Security Testing: 3 Steps to Prevent (System) Crashes

Automotive software has to be reliable and secure. These three steps will help you ...
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Alexander Thiam 6 min read

4 of the Hottest Topics of Fuzzcon Europe 2020

This article summarizes the hottest topics in application security from FuzzCon Europe ...
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Alexander Thiam 2 min read

10 Vulnerabilities That Threaten Your Web Apps [Infographic]

We show you which 10 bugs and vulnerabilities most frequently endanger your web ...
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Alexander Thiam 10 min read

DevSecOps - Best Practice for Secure Software Development

Achieve DevSecOps, by implementing continuous security testing at each phase of the CI/CD ...
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Alexander Thiam 3 min read

Application Security Testing Report 2020 (AST-Report)

With hackers on the rise, Application Security Testing is constantly gaining importance. ...
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Jonathan Reimer 9 min read

Why Static Code Analysis Doesn’t Belong Into Your CI

Static code analysis (SAST) is limited by false positives, the resulting manual effort, ...
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Jonathan Reimer 6 min read

10 Web Vulnerabilities Fuzzing Finds in Java Web Applications

Fuzzing only makes sense for C/C++? Learn how the testing platform CI Fuzz is able to ...
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Sergej Dechand 6 min read

2 Mio € for Code Intelligence to Innovate Software Testing

Software security company from Bonn raises 2 Mio € and will accelerate the development of ...
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Christian Hartlage 3 min read

Fuzzing the Covid-19 Contact Tracing App

Code Intelligence fuzzed the COVID-19 Contact Tracing App and fixed issues in the ...
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Daniel Teuchert 6 min read

Are SQL Injections Still a Thing?

This blog post deals with the relevance of SQL injections in 2020 and also highlights ...
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